set down the sun gently for me-

roll it west like a word off the tongue.
my best friend and I will sit on the back porch
watching cottonwoods snowing and
ringing their leaves like bells

across the river, the mountains will glow-
flushed with satisfaction at a day lived well.
mountains become lampshades holding the sun:
long after the sun has set, they will carry its burn
like a kiss

Montana in the summer is a cathedral full of vespers

let the sun fall like a curtain-
draping the hour in red.
on the back porch we will talk in hushed voices
watching the river continue its intrepid race and
beginning to reflect the stars.


One response

  1. Brian Ferguson

    Your words capture the essence of moments which are both commonplace and special…to enjoy them is importanr…to record them, and reflect on them later, is inspirational.
    Beautiful words, special moments.

    November 11, 2015 at 3:20 pm

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