out of the sea

voices come to you out of the sea
out of the muscular water and the heaving whale road
and entitle you to growth
the salt rolls in as saviour
and for you, the reassuring waves define new freedom
instead of gasping questions, they will drown you in answers
answers like seaweed- proliferous and soft
they will twine around your legs
caress your sunburned arms
you will never be burned by the sun again
you will never be burned in the sea
but the cold moon opens one rayless eye
and she yanks them away, the water voices
like recalcitrant kittens she pulls them down the shore
and slips them under the tide blanket
I can smell the questions heavy on your breath
a breeze from the forest inside you
you ask me what the end will bring
and I turn slowly
“There will be no more sea.”

time station


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