Gravel crumbled to mud
as I followed you down back roads
our headlights gleaming like teary eyes
anxious to be home in the dark

Barbed wire fences dripped in the Rinsing
exchanging dirt for rust
and reaching up the windshield, watery fingers
were pushed down again again

Windshield wipers played their constant swooshing
a breathy organ questioning the dark
as I would have questioned it were it not for you
red tail lights beckoning through rain

Errands done, slowing on wet corners, late for dinner
we drove and you lead like the tunnel’s end
you were a solar panel holding the light of the sun
warm in the water-bleeding night

In the dark and the rain, I drive these roads alone
the ghosts of your tail lights hovering still
in the late October dusk, the rain fades you
and I create an echo, Narcissus.

rain drop races


(disclaimer: for the couple of people who will immediately assume I’m in a bad mood, this poem does not describe my life right now, other than the fact that it was raining when I wrote it.)


One response

  1. Josh

    Mud dissipated to dust
    as I stood not following the clouds
    our eyes roaring like scorched dirt
    inattentive in the explosion light

    Grass squealed in the Desiccation
    exchanging life for dust
    and falling down the ground, limp fingers
    were kicked down again again

    Life ceased playing it’s constant mellody
    a breathless space pleading the light
    as I would have plead if it were not for you
    exploding lights beaming through heaven

    Life fading, quickening on dry corners, late for satisfaction
    we flew and you lead like the tunnel’s end
    you were a panel reflecting the light of the sun
    cold in the dry-scabed day

    In the light and the sun, we flew these skies
    the ghosts of my wings falling still
    in the mid day, my life fades
    and I died an echo, Icarus.

    October 15, 2013 at 9:40 pm

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