the born-again identity

Sometimes I try too hard to find out who I am. I study myself, I look for patterns in my likes and dislikes and experiences, but the answers I find are only illusions.

Because my identity is hidden in Him. I am His, and nothing on this fragile, transient earth can define me. I am not defined by my talents. Or my clothing. Or my friends. Or the books I read. Or the movies I watch. I am not a singer, a writer, a dancer, a geek, a grammar nazi, an anglophile, a cowgirl, a Chestertonian, a poet, a friend, a speaker, a wearer of pearls, or a bearer of words. I am His.

And that is the only answer that will ever satisfy. It’s the only category in which I will ever belong. Everything else is a mask, a costume for my short time on life’s stage. Everything else is a lie.

He is, therefore I am. I am His. I am His. I am His.

“I am in Love, and out of it I will not go.”


2 responses

  1. Hello Grace…

    Found your blog from Katy M’s, and I love it. I actually met you at a tournament last year, but we never really talked.

    Everything you write is so poignant, and your wording is beautiful. Anyways, this would have to be my favorite blog post ever.


    August 7, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    • Aubrey, thank you so much! After looking around your blog a bit, I’ve concluded that you and I must be incredibly similar, and I hope to see you around tournaments in the future and get to know you better. =)

      August 8, 2012 at 12:44 pm

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