mimicking a mitsittyf

“The word is “Mitsittyf””, he said. “MIT-SAH-TIFF.”

Thanks, Nathan Harris. You coined a word that I shall probably never be able to spell from memory.

This post is the second installment of the Blog Swap, in which I shall gleefully murder this enigmatic poetry form invented by my friend Nathan. He says there are rules to it, but if you look at the ones he’s written, you’ll conclude that if there are rules, he breaks them frequently enough. 🙂 Hence, I felt justified in writing my own little fictional Mitsittyf exactly as I jolly well pleased.


The woods and the winds were dark that first fateful night we met and watched the stars whirl
I collided with you in Capture the Flag- we both got concussions and shrieked like girls
We still run into each other quite frequently, you and I
My head starts to hurt every time you pass me by
You feature strongly in my nightly dreams
The ones where everything goes terribly
I often wonder if we were meant to be
On opposite sides of the rolling sea
Far away and comfortable
As far away as possible
We speak in clichés
We text mostly “heyyyyy”s
“That’s romance”, the Disney Channel said
But both our faces were drenched with dread
Because when we go out and walk a moonlight path
People tend to trip and fall and topple down and usually crash
That’s why we keep distance from each other- at least 19-20 feet
To save the world from the damage that’s wrought every time we meet
Superheroes tend to work alone and I think we just swelled their noble ranks
With a plan of confrontation that involves no conversation- just you, me, time, and lots of space.


2 responses

  1. …whoa. The content and the theme image have me stammerstruck. A truly impressive imitation.
    You’re hysterical, though. I had a good laugh reading the intro-’cause it’s true, I break the rules a bit on occasion. Part 1, of course, was the unrefined foundation, so it doesn’t count, which is why the form is named after the first letter of each line of the second mitsyttyf. And just as a side note…I misspell it all the time. 😉

    June 27, 2012 at 4:08 pm

  2. I like it too. =D

    July 12, 2012 at 7:57 pm

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