You’re My World

Only in honour of Valentine’s Day do I post twice in a row. =)

You’re My World

We were newlyweds on a Holland dike
With a picnic and a tandem bike
Traveling the world like we had always dreamed.

We rode a double-decker bus
And all the lights displayed for us
But we scarcely saw them, scarcely saw them gleam.

Isn’t it a funny story?
Here we are, with so much glory
All so new
In plain view
But I just want to look at you!

Isn’t it a laugh worth living?
All these things we dreamt of seeing
All those years
Now we’re here
And they just seem to disappear!

We were newlyweds on a Paris roof
And the Eiffel Tower beamed, aloof
But I was just admiring your eyes.

The Northern Lights reflect your face
Or maybe it was the other way.
When you held me, I forgot about the sky.

Isn’t it a whimsical surprise?
You’re the world I’ve dreamed of all this time.



One response

  1. Grace…you make me sad. This was so beautiful…so…accurate, too. 😉

    February 15, 2012 at 9:23 am

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