A Relocated Continuation

Hello there.

Have you ever ridden a Ferris wheel, stuffed into a wobbly car with peeling paint and slippery sides, craning your neck around all your stylishly dressed friends who get in the way? Everybody stretches to get a glimpse of the view as you rise higher and higher. Maybe it’s night-time, and the air up above the treetops feels dark blue and it whispers to you in an unknown language that you almost think you could translate if you had the time. Maybe it’s almost time for lunch, and some passengers are already ready to ditch this ride and head for the nearest hot-dog stand (which is run by a short Asian guy who is over-fond of ketchup). But the ride is never over after just one revolution, unless one of the operators in jumpsuits (you know, the guys who can only speak at a hundred miles per hour: “keep-yur-hands-and-arms-inside-the-car-don’t-rock-the-car-when-it’s-in-the-air-have-a-nice-ride”) forgets how long you’ve been on. Usually, you stay in that over-crowded Ferris wheel car for a very long time, and after the view gets old, you and your stylishly dressed friends amuse yourself by rocking the car when it’s in the air. And maybe by dropping popcorn on the frequenters of the footpaths far below… but that’s another story.

Imagine life as a series of Ferris wheels, each with a different view. Some particular rides may seem to last forever, while others are shorter than you would have hoped. But no matter what you do, you’re subject to the Operator who controls them all. (He actually is a much better speaker than the operators at theme parks. You should talk to Him sometime.)

There’s a Ferris wheel I’m getting off right now, and it’s called JibeNow. I’m not sorry to leave, because (although it cracks my analogy slightly), I’ve been very much occupied elsewhere. But it has been a pleasant ride, and I thank those who have made it so. I’ve moved my blog to https://scatteredglimpses.wordpress.com. I know it’s annoying to have to add another url to your bookmarks or your Readers, but I would be honored if you did.

But I’m not letting this analogy go at that. There’s another Ferris wheel I’m on that’s spinning very quickly at the moment, and I can tell that it will gain speed until the very end. I might be very dizzy when I step off. A lot of you reading this are riding the sleek and well-polished ride called High School, and some of you are getting ready to hop off with me. I just wanted to tell you that even though our car was crowded, I have cherished all of you, my ‘stylishly dressed friends’. =) It will not be without a feeling of regret and a few hard swallows that I step out of this happily-crowded car at the last. Many things will never be the same after that, but because of God’s grace, I dare to hope that they will be even better.

I won’t forget you. Don’t forget me.


One response

  1. Sarah Tipton

    Mmm, the high school ferris wheel is indeed a difficult ride to leave. But I can assure you that there are plenty of stylish dressers on the other rides. 😉

    February 2, 2011 at 1:56 pm

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