Soliloquize: a buttonless atmosphere

There were button-holes in the clouds today. But no buttons came through, no chunky red ones with twin eyes peering, no monolith plastic daisies, not even shining, golden doubloons hanging by a fraying thread and threatening to come smiling, smashing down. All I could see was blue. But maybe… maybe I was on the wrong side of the garment. Maybe, on the other side, the stars were wondering why they didn’t see buttons peeking through the holes and securing the earth’s cloud-studded coat around her rotund sides.


One response

  1. Why don’t blog posts have “like” buttons for them? 😉 I mean, not those kind of buttons…button buttons, as in facebook like buttons. mhmm. ❤

    September 2, 2010 at 6:25 pm

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