There's really too much to summarize….

Well, once again I am prodded by my conscience to post some window into my life…. But while my life is delicious to me, I have ceased to expect that it would seem delicious to the majority of the public. =) I’ll update you briefly, if you wish it. Maybe some of you would like to see something other than poetry on this neglected little site, even though my poetry is the truest picture of myself. So this is for you- a list of the things which have held my attention and my affection recently.

Christmas is always a most wonderful time of the year, in my opinion, and I enjoyed it splendidly this year. It’s always over too quickly, but after all, ‘a clear conscience is a continual Christmas’. (Benjamin Franklin quote, maybe?)
Speech and debate season has begun, and I’ve been semi-involved with that. I’ll be doing 3 prepared speeches this year- dramatic and humorous interpretations, and an original oratory. Apologetics continues to make me happy, in the realm of limited prep.
Music lessons start next week- may I say eek? =)
Some people have been ‘making’ me play Ultimate Frisbee a lot. =D

I decorated my NCFCA flowpad for the year! I don’t have pictures, but those of you who actually :want: to see it will see it in real life.
Writing is coloring and flavoring and shaping my life for the better. Poetry makes me write it. And prose holds me captive as well. In fact, I entered a short story contest on Vision Forum’s website, marking the first time I’ve written a story in quite some time….. It was fabulous fun, too, and I’ll post it someday.
There are some friends I have who make. my. life. Old ones, new-ish ones. Most of you know who you are. 😉 I love you.

Sincerely, cordially, affectionately,

Copyright © GraceElizabeth


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